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Lawrence Voytek


Lawrence Voytek, I have learned to think with my eyes and hands, and now my ears are telling me what to do. I graduated from R.I.S.D in 82. I started working for Bob Rauschenberg that same year. Learning from Bob and his crazy collaboraters have brought me here.

Below is my unsound statement about my sound.
I am not your normal noisemaker, I make my sonic children, they are entities that have been prepared for their voices, I listen for those seldom heard, the weak, the strange the lost, the cries that last fast. Sound events that have never been remembered or heard. Even the voiceless- Play! "True alchemists know in the mix of the elements one must include magnetism to attract the essence of what matters". Living on this wet dirt ball spinning in space and knowing such great ghosts as Bob, John and Merce, I find my permission to Play...


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