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Sonic Combine" performs original progressive, electronic, acoustic, Art Music and sound timbres on metal sculptures, electronic instruments, world flutes,
and Theremin. Their abstract sound is not always musical, sometimes discordant, sometimes beautiful, often powerful, and always evocative.

"Sonic Combine" consists of long-time friends, Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, and Laurence Getford. 

Special thanks to Gary Neiheisel for his engineering and audio mixing artistry.



Merce Cunningham Dance Company"Things Not Seen Before: A Tribute to John Cage"
Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Edison State College. 2013

Sonic Combine | At the Arcade Theater | 02 21 2011

Sonice Combine @ Space 39 Modern and Contemporary Gallery | October 16th 2010

Michael St. Amand's Slave to Vanity Installation at the Sidney & Berne Davis Arts Center in Fort Myers Florida. | January 7th 2010


Dancers of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company performing at the Opera House, Arsht Center, 1300 Biscayne Thursday, December 2nd 2010.


Sonic Combine

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